The Beer Café – VR Mall, Whitefield

The Beer Café is by far the largest Beer Chain in India. They’re helping us get access to the most exotic beer brands from around the Beer Nations of the world! You could get to choose from a mix of speciality brews and draught beers, while having a relaxed time at The Beer Café . A pub isn’t complete without it housing some premium liquor brands. Needless to say, The Beer Café is a great place to be even if Beer isn’t your favorite poison 🙂

The Beer Café has it’s presence in 10 cities in India. It launched it’s third outlet in Bangalore at VR Mall, Whitefield, after Indiranagar and Koramangala. It’s safe to say that this outlet is heaven for beer lovers residing in Whitefield. Their other two outlets are only ~5kms apart.

I was invited to the VR Mall Outlet as part of International Beer Day Celebrations. It was a bright Sunday afternoon, when some of my good blogger friends joined me to have a lazy brunch along with some of the best bottled beers you’d possibly get! They have a vast multi cuisine menu that has Pizzas, Burgers, Pastas, Grilled eats, salads and finger food!


The Beer Café has over 50 varieties of Beers sourced from 18 different countries! They’re on a serious mission to take this city’s Beer aficionados’ experience to a whole new level!

The Beer families are mainly Stouts, Pilsner, Ale, Lager, Bock, Wheat.
The list of Beers they have ( by Country ):

1. Denmark: Tuborg ( Green, Strong ), Carlsberg
2. USA: Miller’s High Life, Budweiser( Magnum )
3. India: Kingfisher ( Gold, Ultra, Strong, UltraMax )
4. Australia: Foster’s
5. Belgium: Bira( Blonde, White ), Hoegaarden, Stella Artois, Leffe( Blonde )
6. Italy: Peroni, Birra Moretti,
7. Mexico: Corona( Extra )
8. Germany: Kronbacher ( Pils )
9. Japan: Asahi
10. Estonia: Viru
11. China: Tsingtao
12. Spain: Estrelle ( Damm, Gallicia ), 1906 Spl Reserve
13. England: Fuller’s London Pride
14. Holland: Amstel ( Light )
15. Ireland: Murphy’s Irish

The impressive line-up is a sight to behold!

I also had some of the mocktails from their regular menu.


The food menu of The Beer Café is a very well crafted, it’s lavish and covers majority of the dishes most people would look for!
We started with a Caeser’s salad, moved on to some finger food like their special Koliwada Fried Chicken, Chicken Strips with BBQ Sauce, Mac and Cheese Fingers, Chicken Poutine, Corn Bhel, Nachos with Cheesy Dip. The main course was a couple of steaks; Grilled Chicken, Grilled Salmon, a couple of Burgers; Veg and Chicken Burgers and a Hotdog. We ended our meal with a sinful dessert; Brownie with vanilla icecream

Chicken Poutine

This is french fries topped with a chicken gravy. The gravy wasn’t gooey enough and the cheese insufficient. I believe they did this intentionally to not let the fries be soggy. But, If someone wants their fries crispy, they should stick to regular fries and Poutine should be made with more sauce and more cheese 🙂

Flaky Chicken Strips with BBQ Sauce

This is by far the best BBQ sauce I’ve had!! The combination of chicken strips with the BBQ sauce was just the best dish I had that day!

Nachos with Cheesy Dip

Corn Chaat

This was a crowd favorite. American corn with some indian spices and Nachos was just divine 🙂

Mac n Cheese Fingers

The Mac and Cheese filled cutlets was another beautiful creation. Macaroni and cheddar cheese filled cutlets were quite tasty and light at the same time.

Koliwada Fried Chicken

Chicken Koliwada is a variation of Prawns Koliwada. It is a very famous dish that sells like hot cakes on the streets of Mumbai. It is a deep fried chicken cooked in a batter. The spice profile on this was just spectacular. You must try this out when you’re here!

Grilled Chicken Steak

A classic Grilled chicken steak with pepper sauce. It’s served with some grilled veggies, mashed potatoes and garlic bread.

Grilled Salmon Steak

A delicious portion of grilled salmon served with garlic bread, mashed potatoes and a cherry tomato compote.

Veg Burger

A burger with a spicy veggie patty, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes along with a mint mayo sauce. This is served with some french fries and a tomato dip.


A grilled chicken sausage, grilled onions with tomato ketchup, mustard sauce. It is served with a generous amount of french fries.

Dessert ; Brownie with Ice-cream

A sinful warm fudgy chocolate brownie served with a dollop of vanilla ice-cream and chocolate sauce.

Beer Café Merchandise – Beerosphere

The Beer Café has launched a line of merchandise across categories such as gaming, gadgets, glassware, decor, to name a few. The most fun merchandises were on display at the venue and we got a demo of most interesting ones! We saw the Sonic Foamer which uses ultrasonic vibrations to create a perfect head ensuring a consistent taste throughout the drink. Another interesting product was the Spin Chill , which magically chills your beer using convention! The Beerosphere line up is priced between Rs.95 and Rs. 3750.

More on Beerosphere :

Beer and Food Pairing

You would have heard about Wine and food pairing, here’s some notes on Beer and food pairing!!

Pairing Suggestions

Stouts & Porters: Pair your meat with stouts and porters or order a dessert and have it with these beers.

Pale Ales:Light food like salads, fish and sea food can be paired with this.

Indian Pale Ales: Pair your pizza, fried chicken and seafood or pump up the spice quotient with spicy dishes.

Lager: Spicy food like barbecue, sausages and roasted meat tastes great with dark lager.

Pilsner: Goes best with salads and appetizers

Hefeweizen and Wheat beer: Drink wheat beer with light food or salads or just sip it with dessert and make your meal hearty. You can also try pairing it with sweet and fruity or citrus flavored dishes.

Butter Theory’s take on The Beer Café

If you’re the kind who doesn’t settle for ordinary when it comes to Beer, look no further, The Beer Café is the place to be! I would definitely recommend this place not just for the Beers, but also for the food. I had a good Brunch at this place and I’m surely heading to this place, the next time I’m at Whitefield! The finger food prices are slightly on the higher side, but everything else on the food menu is very competitively priced! And when it comes to the Alcohol pricing, with all the import taxes on the International liquor, I’m surprised that they’re able to sell at affordable prices! The decor is very vibrant and you’ll feel alive when you are seated here!

The Beer Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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