Farzi Café – A Gastronomical mirage

Farzi Café is a new entrant in the Bangalore’s FnB industry and they’re here to stay!! Farzi Café focuses on giving it’s patrons a gourmet experience amalgamating global cuisine, with Indian influences. It is a quirky place where modern Indian food is served using elements of molecular gastronomy. Farzi Café comes from the house of Massive Restaurants, which has several other brands like Masala Library, Made in Punjab and Pa Pa Ya.

After gaining massive success in Delhi & Mumbai, Bangalore had to get one of it’s own Farzi Cafe! Everything about Farzi Cafe is Premium Class; the food, the decor, the staff and the cutlery! The bartenders look like they’ve just come out of the gym. I wonder if there’s a gym behind the bar!

If there’s one place that has created a huge buzz off late, it’s definitely Farzi Cafe. The pre-launch parties lasted an entire week before they opened up to the public! I was invited to one such pre launch party and and they really know how to throw a party!

So, I’ve come here not once but twice; first for the pre-launch party and second through an invite for an elaborate tasting of the menu!
If you’re planning to visit this place, getting a table here on a weekend is close to impossible. But we made a prior booking for a Saturday evening and I thought the crowd here was elite, similar to what you’re used to seeing at the UB city. There’s not much going with the decor but the atmosphere out here is just electric. You would love to be at this place 🙂

Well, does it live up to the expectations and the hype, or was it all just Farzi? 🙂 Let’s find out!


We only had the cocktails here. There is a full bar with hard liquor available as well 🙂


This is a small variation on the classic margarita. There’s raw mango reduction added to the tequila! There’s also a snow cone(ice gola)!


Chai Paani is a tea infused vodka drink. The presentation is just spectacular. It’s served in a tea kettle which has the whole molecular gastronomy element going for it, with smoke replacing the fumes from hot tea. The teas in this drink are Assam & Darjeeling tea. Orange slices are added to add a fruity flavor to it.
This is by the far the best cocktail here. Do not miss it 🙂 It is also a low a drink with alcohol content.


This is an interesting vodka based cocktail. It has sweet and sour flavors with mango essence and it has a special ingredient; curry leaves!! Try this one out, you’ll either love it or hate it 🙂


Apple foamentini is a vodka based drink with mint foam and elderflower extracts. This is the #1 drink w.r.t creating a drama around it 🙂 The drink is prepared right in front of you 🙂 The collage above gives you a bigger picture on the steps!


Farzi Idea is a cocktail that’s served in a light bulb. Much has been told about this presentation already! What an Idea Sirjee 🙂 . This is a Vodka based drink with home made absinthe, pineapple & lime juice. This is one of their best cocktails!


3 musketeers is a whisky based cocktail which has chocolate, chilly, orange zest and cinnamon. Mind you, this isn’t your average whisky drink, it’s smoky and strong with the cinnamon stick! It is certainly one of the favorites of people who have visited Farzi 🙂


Bunta is a colloquial term for a carbonated lemon or orange-flavoured soft drink popular in India. Banta is available in a Codd-neck bottle, a heavy glass bottle whose mouth is sealed by a round marble (instead of a cap) thanks to the pressure of the carbonated contents. The distinctive bottle has led to the drink also being called goli soda in South India. We had Aam,shikanji,narangi flavors. the aam one was good out of the three.



Amuse Bouche

Amuse Bouche is a bite sized dish and what makes it different from an appetizer is that these are not really ordered by the customer, but given by the restaurant themselves for free! It means mouth amuser and is presented to give an overview of the chef’s approach to cooking!

The Amuse Bouche given here is a Molecular Mishti Doi with berry sauce. Mishti doi means sweet curd in Bengali!


Raj kachori chaat is a little known chaat that’s not very easily available in South India. Kachori is a round flattened ball made of fine flour filled with a stuffing of baked mixture. The mixture is usually a lentils or potatoes. Here it’s a pumpkin filling! It was served with Okra salad topped with saunf chutney. They used chutney foam instead of chutney to reduce the calorie content !


Dal Chawal Arancini ia a khichdi ball wrapped in papad, achari chutney and some cheese, laid on a bed of tomato and onion salsa. A papad roll is placed each of the balls!


Delhi Belly Pork is a braised pork dish with Plum & Pomegranate Salsa.
The outer crust has dehydrated pomegranate seeds. This is served on a grill. This is one mind blowing dish and you’d love this one even if you’re not a big fan of pork, like myself 🙂


Paniyaram/Paddu is a south indian dish made from rice flour. at Farzi Cafe, you’d get a slightly modern variant of this dish. The dish is not served with the regular coconut chutney, but with a tomato coconut paste on which the paniyarams/paddus are laid on. There’s a parmesan cheese slice placed between 2 paniyarams/paddus, some pine nuts and classic south indian gun powder added on the sides. There’s some ghee as well. It is served on a shovel.


This is Farzi’s take on the KFC! It has arrived all the way from Delhi in a truck, in which it’s served! The FFC is a cheesy chicken drumstick served with Lotus & Potato chips and BBQ mayo dip. The FFC isn’t heavy on your stomach unlike the fried chicken you get elsewhere.


This is a Kerala style fried fish cutlet. It has a panko and sesame crust. It is served with some Jackfruit and tapioca chips and some mayo sauce. The presentation of this dish was really fancy! I thought the dish was a bit oilier than I would have preferred and the crust crispier than I would have liked. I was looking for a softer fish cutlet.


This dish has some history behind it. When the chef was on a vacation with his better half, they enjoyed some chilly fritters on the Besant Nagar beach and that was the inspiration behind this dish 🙂

The chilly fritters have a Philadelphia cheese filling and is served with a tamarind and chilly sauce. The presentation of this dish is very rustic 🙂


Guntur is a city in Andhra Pradesh, India. It is famous for spicy food; particularly some biriyanis, gongura pickles and non vegetarian delicacies.
This dish was expectedly spicy and served on a hollow bamboo.


You’d expect almost every dish at Farzi Cafe to be a little different! Farzi vada pav is a game changer. It stems from the fact that they’ve taken a seriously popular dish from Maharashtra and changed it completely! The pav here is inside the potato vada. It is served with mint and sweet tamarind chutney 🙂 I just loved this out of the box thinking 🙂


This is a chilly duck samosa with a plum sauce coating! I haven’t quite had a chance to taste duck meat in the past. I can finally check this on the list of exotic meats I’ve had 🙂 Taste wise, this isn’t something I’d recommend.


I love Paneer for it’s amazing resemblance in terms of taste to chicken! The paneer tikka that’s served here is a perfectly grilled and super soft. Off late, I don’t quite remember having had a more satisfying paneer tikka elsewhere.


Farzi Cafe is known to be innovative and this is one classic example of why. After we had a great deal of appetizers, they got us a secret dish, that looked like the bailey’s pop as it came in the same tree! But, it wasn’t the Bailey’s pop. This was a palette cleanser, the ingredients of which we had to guess. After a few failed attempts, the chef revealed it’s a swaad candy sorbet! It was very tangy in taste!



Irachi in Malayalam means meat. Irachi Mutton is a Malabar style mutton curry. It is served with a kerala parotta( Malabar Paratha )! Boneless mutton in a pepper gravy was delightful.


Chicken Changezi is a popular Mughal dish which is creamy and spicy red gravy. the chicken is prepared separately and then later added to the gravy and cooked for just a bit. Quesadilla is a Mexican dish which is basically a corn tortilla with a cheesy filling. Here at Farzi Cafe, they’ve managed to pull of a fusion of a Mughal dish with a Mexican dish! It’s all about the illusion. It is served with a yoghurt and pimento sauces. The presentation of this dish is similar to the Raj Kachori chaat dish!



Baked Cheesecake is sandwiched between Parle G biscuits. They’ve used Cadbury Gems to bring a new dimension to this dish. I didn’t quite like the taste of the cheesecake. I had huge expectations from this dish as I love cheesecakes. This was far from decent.


Rasmalai Tres Leches is rasmalai layered with carrot creme. Tres Leches is a Spanish dish with a cake soaked in three kinds of milk(evaporated, condensed, creme). The dish looks great because of a rose petal net that adorns the Rasmalai! the taste of this dish is just out of this world! Do not miss this one, I highly recommend you try this one 🙂


This is yet another innovative dish that needs a lot of finesse to create! It’s a lollipop with chocolate, condensed milk and Bailey’s filling! As they say with Lays, No one can eat just one 🙂


A restaurant could easily get away with just providing saunf along with the bill to customers. But, Farzi Cafe is not going to do that. It will go to great lengths to surprise their customers with unique experiences that they’ll never forget 🙂 It is a paan filled cotton candy, which was the perfect way to end our meal!


Service at Farzi Cafe is just exceptional. Everything that you’ve dreamt of in a service at a restaurant is fulfilled here. The staff is super talented and very attentive to your needs and tastes. They learn from what they hear from you and make sure that you have a beautiful experience of dining there. Even little things like taking our feedback of the mouth freshener. When we said, we just loved, we got another round of it 🙂

I wouldn’t change anything here. It totally deserves the price you pay 🙂
Well done Farzi Cafe, you’ve got a fan in me!


Farzi Café in Bangalore is the first Farzi Café to house a microbrewery. Please watch this space for updates on when and what you can expect 🙂 Our very own Beer Evangelist John John Eapen is working hard on making some interesting craft beers on tap, very soon. You can read more about it on his page: Tales of Froth – https://talesoffroth.wordpress.com/

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