Skylit – Citrus Hotels

I was invited to the bloggers table at Skylit, Citrus, on a Sunday evening. Citrus hotels is part of the Mirah group, headquartered in Mumbai. Citrus hotels have a vibrance that reanimates you, a splendid facade that leaves you speechless and a great choice of dining options that never ceases to amaze you 🙂 Citrus… Read More Skylit – Citrus Hotels


The Open Box

Turn the clock back. 11-April-2016. It was the the birthday of this rockstar 😛 I’m that kind of person who doesn’t like to work on my birthday. As regular people do, I was celebrating my birthday with a friend. Hum aam aadmi hain. More on Aam, later, ok?! WHY THIS PLACE? It was a plan… Read More The Open Box