Rasovara – The Royal Kitchen , UB City

Rasovara is a Rajasthani/North Indian luxury dining restaurant that’s on the Piazza, on the 2nd level of The Collective, UB City! Rajasthan and Gujarat, in India, are known to treat guests like gods and serve them some seriously royal food πŸ™‚ Rasovara believes in just that principle and sets an example of how a guest needs to be treated to a royal experience .This restaurant is part of the same group as the Rajdhani which is Mirah Hospitality

If you’ve been to Rajdhani, then you’re familiar with the concept of vegetarian thalis, but you’re still only 50% familiar when it comes to Rasovara!! Think big, think a little bit bigger, a bit more , may be a bit more ; that’s Rasovara for you πŸ™‚ Impeccable food & cordial hospitality is what you can expect here.

I was at UB city, on a food walk spanning 8 restaurants in 2 days !!
This was out pitstop #3 after Fava and Caperberry. We were just in time for lunch and we couldn’t have picked a better time to visit Rasovara!

We were greeted by Soumali & Akash ; the Marketing Managers of Mirah Hospitality and the Chef – Maharaj Jodha Ram Choudhary πŸ™‚ The chef was very kind in explaining all the dishes in brief to one and all ! He seemed to have very high patience levels, as some of us were a little caught up with clicking pictures and asked the Chef separately about the dishes, instead of all at once πŸ™‚ . This tends to happen most times as we’re so eager to click pictures!

Here’s what our table looked like:


The madness of the Royal Vegetarian Thali began with some Anar Soda Shikanji , Kairi Panna . I quite liked the soda and asked for another shot of this! Yes, both these were served in shot glasses πŸ™‚ They also had mango lassi and masala chaas(buttermilk)!


We had a very innovative dish here, called Pizza Dhokla!
The pizza had a very soft dhokla base. It was topped with a secret sauce and lots of cheese !

Some of the other appetizers that were good were the Mawa Karanji(deep fried pastry stuffed with a sweet filling of mawa i.e milk solids). We also had Palak Muthia (Spinach Dumplings) , which tasted very good!

What i loved the most was the Pani Puri πŸ™‚ Seeing Pani Puri in a Veg thali was truly a delight! In the chaat section, there was also a Chilli cheese Sev Puri , which again was spectacular! I am a huge chaat lover and I couldn’t have been happier πŸ™‚


This is where Rasovara truly shines! They have a huge spread in the main course and you’d have to have a really good appetite to have all of the dishes! I’d suggest, you pick your favorites and just go with them! Do not take everything πŸ™‚ I repeat – Do not take everything !!

They serve at-least 3-4 gravies and the one that I liked was Paneer Kalimirch, the spice and sweet levels on this was just perfect. The raw peppery taste was something that made me want more πŸ™‚ The next best gravy was the Rajwadi kaju masala which was quite rich and that’s probably why I liked it πŸ˜›

I quite liked the 4 different Indian breads(Cheese Spinach Paratha, Phulka, Sindhi koki, Stuffed Shahi Puri ) on offer. Cheese Spinach Paratha being my favorite. Although it could have had a bit more of the spinach in it!

The most famous dish from Rajasthan – Dal Baati Churma is something that you must definitely have!!

Then there’s the Veg Biriyani and the Shahi pulao if you’re not interested in having Indian breads like myself πŸ™‚ The biriyani comes in a nice little claypot!


You’ve got to have the best dessert out here – Apple Jalebi with Rabdi . This is a very crispy Jalebi with an apple filling and topped with some Rabdi! I loved this one and you will too πŸ™‚

I also had the Kala Jamoon which I thought was a bit too hard for my liking. There’s also Dry fruit halwa which did taste perfectly right w.r.t the amount of sweetness in it. The Dry fruit basundi was too thin and I would have preferred a much richer and thicker version of it! It tasted quite good though! The Kesar Malai resembled a Bengali style dessert called cham cham. It was pretty decent although the filling wasn’t as juicy as it’s bengali counterpart!

The Apple Jalebi with Rabdi was a delight and was the perfect way to end a royal meal πŸ™‚


The service over here is top notch and the captains over here make sure you really work hard in saying a no, when they serve you each and every item! They sure know how to make people eat πŸ™‚

If you’re not willing to pick the humungous thali, you could walk into this place between 3PM-6PM to order A-la-Carte!

They do welcome all guests with a chandan teeka( sandalwood ), which has several scientific benefits!!


They have a rotating menu, where no dish is repeated in a month! This was the menu on the day we visited:

What are you waiting for ? Make a reservation and get down here to truly experience an exotic vegetarian, royal gourmet Indian meal!!

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