Mama Mia! Dessert Parlor, Indiranagar, Bangalore

Mama Mia! is one of those dessert places that totally surprised me with what it could offer. I went there with the idea of grabbing a cup of Italian Gelato and heading back home for dinner. What happened instead was that I went back home with a satisfying meal! Yes, desserts are scientifically proven to aid in weight loss 😉

Mama Mia! Indiranagar

Mama Mia! pioneered the concept of gelato in India in 2005. The founders trained under Chef Danielle Ghisalberti in Italy. Their products are made from the finest ingredients and are natural in every way.


This quaint little dessert parlor & cafe in Indiranagar has a beautiful white wall on one side and a dark wall on the other with slightly dim lighting. I guess this is a brilliant contrast within the same space.


The menu is very expansive and they have sundaes, gelato, milkshakes, hot chocolate, brownies and the usual cakes. What’s my favorite out of these? I haven’t mentioned them to you yet – Bombe Fries. With all the sweet stuff available in this place, you ought to order a side of fries to mix things up. My favorite fries is their Spicy Fries, which has an amazing crunch on every bite.

Let’s see what I had.


This section of the menu has been divided into 3 categories; Classico,Nuovo and Seasonale. I tried staying away from the Classico section and wanted to try something new and I reserved my chocolate fix for something more divine ( more on that later ).

Butterscotch & Sea Salt Sundae

So, I picked their Butterscotch & Sea Salt Sundae, the presentation of which blew me over. This set the tone for what was to come later that evening.

Butterscotch & Sea Salt Sundae

The sundae had butterscotch pearls, sea salt combined with butterscotch truffle and their signature butterscotch gelato. With a few classic salted lays, shower of chocolate sauce, it was time to dig in. The sea salt chocolates have always been something exotic and having to see that paired with something similar – butterscotch actually made perfect sense. The gelato was top notch, I’d have to say.


Blueberry Cheesecake Shake

With Blueberry cheesecake being my favorite dessert, it would have been interesting to try this in the liquid form! So, I picked the Blueberry Cheesecake Shake, which was served in a huge glass bottle.

Blueberry Cheesecake Shake

I wasn’t so sure I wanted to gulp down so much of it, but the first sip proved otherwise. It was light and not so tough to defeat. I finished all of it in few sips and I didn’t feel like I burdened myself doing it. Taste was quite good too!

Bombe Fries

Not sure why Fries are named Bombe as Bombe would mean ‘a frozen dome-shaped dessert’. May be connecting the fries to all the other desserts?

Bombe Fries

Without Fries & wedges on the side, I wouldn’t have been able to chow down all the desserts I had here.

Bombe Fries

I took the Spicy Fries with all dips ( because I want ’em all ). I ordered a side of Potato Wedges as well. I’d have to say that the fries here are simply mind blowing.


Dark Chocolate Gelato

I tried 13 different flavors before ordering 1 portion of their Sugarless Dark chocolate gelato. They have an interesting black charcoal ice cream, which is also available in a shake format. Please do try it, it’s quite good 🙂

Mud Pie

The best dessert over here was saved for the last!
My word, that Skillet Nutella Mud Pie is sinful 🙂

Skillet Nutella Mud Pie

You have to try it to believe it. The only thing I didn’t like about it, is the use of bananas in it.

Skillet Nutella Mud Pie

I would have preferred them to have gone full monty and not added anything healthy like bananas in it 😛

I’d have to say that overall, the service was good and the desserts are well presented and yummy. the pricing is 350 INR for 2 people. I can’t really find anything to be critical about this place. Everything was just about perfect 🙂 Please do visit them, they have a 2nd outlet opened last month.

To know more about Mama Mia!:

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