Chai Point – 100th Store Launch @ Indiranagar, Bangalore

Chai Point opened it’s 100th outlet last week at Indiranagar in Bangalore, back to where it all began 8 years ago! With it being the 100th store, they didn’t just open yet another Chai Point that we’re so familiar with. Instead, they’ve created a whole new space that’s more like a cafe. It’s nice to know that they’ve listened to the good ‘ol saying that on a rainy day in Bangalore, it’s imperative to have Pakoras with some ginger chai! The new store comes with a swanky new Artificial Intelligence feature of facial recognition to suggest your favorite chai from previous orders and add reward points without you having to call out your phone number each time!

Bangalore Skyline!

The CEO, Mr. Amuleek Singh Bijral mentioned that they’re going to open 30 stores this fiscal at an investment of ₹12Cr. Mountain Trails Foods Pvt. Ltd, which owns the Chai Point, has raised $20 million in a Series C funding round led by Paragon Partners.

The Chai Point Promise!
My orders!

I was at the launch of the new store and speaking to Chai Point’s Marketing Manager Mr. Nikhil Zutshi, got to understand their big move elevating them from Nation’s favorite tea vendor to Nation’s favorite cafe! They’ve worked hard on crafting a menu that’s got the best coffee, tea and snacks that pair well with them.

Maggi Chopsuey & Pakoras

I tried something very innovative – Maggi Chopsuey; which is like a fusion of the American Chopsuey and Maggi! Try it out, I really liked it 🙂

3 bean Mathri

Do try their take on the Mexican tostadas, with the use of 3 beans topping on Mathri!

Scotch Eggs & Croissant

One of the other things I quite fancied is their Scotch eggs.


If I didn’t already mention, please do ask for the assorted Pakoras basket, these go best with a cup of Ginger Chai.

Also, what looked like a macaron, Nikhil was quick to point that it’s actually a Nan-Khatai. There’s also a Parle-G cheesecake!

Garden to Glass

We’ve all heard about the farm to fork concept, here’s what Chai Point would like to bring to the table – Garden to Glass.

Single Origin Tea Leaf

If you’d like to make some tea all by yourselves, pick up the high quality single origin tea leaves from the store.

I can safely say that the Pakoras have finally come home to the Chai!
India runs on Chai

To know more about Chai Point:

Chai Point Facebook Page

Chai Point Instagram Page

Chai Point Website

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