Leela Residencies @ Bhartiya City, Bangalore

Bhartiya City, a 125 acre integrated city of Joy, takes the best of best and gives it to the people of Bangalore! It was founded by Mr. Snehdeep Aggarwal, who started Bhartiya Group way back in 1978, is now the owner of Rs 1,300-crore business empire that primarily deals with leather designs, real estate including SEZs, integrated townships and more recently low cost housing.

Leela Residencies is the most luxurious project that’s housed in the Bhartiya City. It is located across a 7-acre Central Park and the Center for Performing Arts. This was built in collaboration with the finest architects, designers and craftsmen from across the globe. It is a set of limited edition apartments, which comes with all the luxuries of a Leela Hotel & Resorts but with the privacy of your own home 🙂

Whether you’re a business professional or an international athlete, you will find everything you need here.  Even a simple thing like a kitchen cabinet, when it’s made by a Boffi, becomes a piece of art. They have a team of expert concierges, chefs, personal trainers, even botanists ready and waiting. And for anything else you might need, they’re building this beautiful 125-acre City of Joy right at your doorstep with everything from shops and sushi bars to schools and hospitals.

Strategically located, Bhartiya City is well-connected by land and by sky. A 6-lane transit corridor is underway right next door and the only thing the City is missing is its own international airport. Kempe Gowda International Airport is just 25 minutes away.

With this project they’re aiming to take modern Indian luxury to the next level. Treat your tastebuds to an experimental lunch, take in a performance at the street corner or just sunbathe in the piazza. So go ahead. Taste the perfect espresso. Toast friendships at the local pub. No matter what you want to do, there is a place here – sushi bars aplenty, nestled next to fashion boutiques, multiplex cinemas and the iconic Centre for Performing Arts. After all, when it comes to a great home, it’s what’s on the outside that counts.

I was invited along with a few other social media influencers, to experience the amazing hospitality and wellness of Bhartiya Group. We were treated some refreshments when we arrived and without any further ado, they walked us through the scaled down 3D blueprint of the entire property.

While we took turns to visit the model 4Bed Parisian villa, some of us had the chance to get a foot reflexology session! The residence options at Leela Residencies are a plenty; Studio, 1Bed, 2Bed, 3Bed and 4Bed.

The 4-bedroom Leela Residence is, in every sense, your very own Leela Palace. A spacious 4000 sqft home with four beautiful bedrooms with soothing green views, a private sauna, an elegant Italian kitchen courtesy Boffi, two spacious private decks, dedicated servant quarters and a host of 5-star services; on call!

There are as many as 175 of these beautiful homes, hurry up and book yours today!

Know More at:

BHARTIYA GROUP: http://www.bhartiya.com

LEELA RESIDENCIES: http://leelaresidences.bhartiyacity.com/#Home


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