Sotally Tober , Koramangala, Bengaluru

Sotally Tober is one of the most sought after party destinations in Koramangala, Bengaluru. For starters, the decor is very quirky, with dim lighting and splashes of paint on otherwise white walls. Brick wall interiors with incandescent bulbs in colored mason jars makes it a very unique decor. For those who prefer some really good & deafening music at the same time, this is the place to be! After having been one of the best in the cocktail game, they took it upon themselves to raise the bar. They have launched a new cocktail menu with some amazing additions.

Our table

We were 6 of us and we decided to get 6 different drinks to start with! We picked the table which had the best lighting. The sweetest of all staff members was attending us and she was kind enough to increase the lux level around us!

Peppery Pineapple

Peppery Pineapple is a Gin based cocktail with pineapple juice and pepper. A spicy cocktail is quite refreshing and most likely consumed slowly during a hot afternoon. Also, by replacing fruit mixes with pepper, we could cut down on a lot of calories!

Slice of Summer

Slice of Summer is a vodka based drink with aam panna and peri peri spices. Although I did enjoy this drink more cos of the spice rub on the rim of the glass! Always something that I look forward to with every sip 🙂

Sotally Spice

Sotally Spice is yet another spicy vodka based cocktail with peri peri spices, apple juice and mint. I would say this was a slightly better mix compared to the Slice of Summer. The addition of mint did the trick!


Tipsy Melons is a very refreshing whisky based drink with watermelon and basil mix. I am a huge fan of this mix, although I would have preferred this with vodka. I’d not prefer too much of an experimentation with whisky and prefer it neat/on the rocks!

Pattaya’s Punch was a hot favorite at our table with multiple orders going out for this one! It is a vodka based cocktail with sriracha, chillies. And it’s got cucumber to cool you down from the super fiery chillies!

Hot Toddy

Since one of our friends was feeling under the weather, he asked for a Hot Toddy and they obliged with what was a very well made Hot Toddy !

Sula Brut

From my personal experience, not many establishments are known to honor the request to Sparkling wines in Bengaluru, even though they mention a couple of them in their menus. This place however, did not disappoint me and had one of the best Sula (open to debate) wines I’ve ever had.

Some of the best cocktails need some of the best appetizers & main course to go with it and they had us covered in the food department as well!

Coriander Fish

We started with some SoTo Coriander Fish that was very tender and full of flavors.

Spicy Potato Wedges

Spicy Potato Wedges were a surprise favorite at our table with hard core non vegetarian outnumbering people who normally eat a few vegetarian dishes too!

Teriyaki Chicken

Teriyaki Chicken is a wonderful appetizer with perfectly grilled chicken tossed in teriyaki sauce.

Vietnamese Spare Ribs

You should definitely try their Vietnamese Spare Ribs. It’s a slow braised pork ribs tossed in some exotic Vietnamese spices.

I am not sure what another dish was named on the menu, but it was a deep fried anchovy, that was absolutely yummy! I believe, you must also try their cheesy samosas and honey chicken wings 🙂 .

Crispy Chicken Burger
Thai Green curry with Chicken
Thai Chicken Fried rice

For main course, we had a some amazing Thai Green Curry with a request to add chicken, served with rice. It was the most comforting dish I had in a long time! What was most popular on the table was yet another Thai dish; Thai Chicken Fried rice, which had spicy chilli chicken served with fried rice. Two of us shared a meaty Crispy Chicken Burger, which was quite outstanding in my opinion. All in all, it was a great evening with some potent cocktails and heartwarming food 🙂 I’m looking forward to my next visit here in search of some amazing time 🙂

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