Chili’s Bar & Grill @ RMZ, EcoWorld, Bangalore

Chili’s Bar & Grill launched their 4th outlet in Namma Bengaluru, and this time it’s located inside one of the most promising tech parks in Bellandur; RMZ EcoWorld . My love for Tex-Mex food started way back in 2009, during my first visit to the US of A. The delightful combo of Chicken wings in buffalo sauce and Chicken Crispers were all I craved for, every time I went to a nearby Chili’s outlet! With their newest outlet being a stone’s throw away from where I work, this launch gets me all the more excited 🙂

I was invited to the pre-launch party a couple of days before the outlet was open for public. Before I get to the experience of Chili’s in itself, I’d like to take a moment to appreciate the Uber cool lifestyle space that’s setup inside RMZ, EcoWorld. It goes by the name ‘The Bay’, and you’ll be spoilt for choice w.r.t shopping, dining, health and sports.


I happened to try their World famous Presidente Margarita, the recipe of which has much been copied everywhere and yet, this place holds its own when it comes to the quality! Between Margaritas and fizzy sodas, there’s also a healthy option of cold pressed juices by Raw Pressery.


Classic Nachos

We started with their Classic Nachos ; not so crisp nachos with cheese, jalapeños, served with sour creme and pico de galla, also known as salsa! I loved how cheesy these were. A perfect start to what was going to be a brilliant evening of some Tex-mex food!

Half Rack BBQ ribs
Full Rack Ribs

If there was one dish none of us should walk out of Chili’s without having is their Baby Back Ribs! I would swear by the succulent meat that comes off of the bones almost effortlessly! The Original Baby Back ribs comes with a BBQ sauce is absolutely spot on. I couldn’t manage to try their Mango flavored BBQ sauce, which is probably gonna make me walk into Chili’s real quick. I’d suggest you try both the flavors, half rack each, to find your favorite!

Buffalo Chicken Wings

This is probably one place in Bangalore, where you could have your chicken wings in the usual bone and boneless variants for the one’s who don’t have a funny bone! I am a big fan of the Signature wings; wings with buffalo sauce and I was quite delighted with the way they tasted here, tangy and mildly fiery.

Jalapeno Chicken Wings

Do not miss their creamy Creamy Jalapeno Wings, that comes with the Santa Fe sauce that’s a bit of Southwest and sweet mustard sauces.

Onion Rings

If there’s a simple vegetarian fried appetizer, that’s got to be Onion rings! Onion rings here were crispy and loaded with herbs. Dip them into the classic ranch and enjoy them 🙂

And whoever ordered their Tostada chips, I’ll thank them only for the fact that it got us occupied between the several orders of the wings & ribs.

Triple Dipper

If you’re here in a small group, go for their Triple Dipper, where you could choose 3 of your favorite appetizers.

Main Course

Fajitas, Tacos, Quesadillas are synonymous with a Mexican meal and I’d suggest you pick Fajitas over the other two options, as it comes with some wholesome fillings that’ll keep your tummy happy 🙂

Minced Lamb Craft Burger

If you’re the kind who loves burgers, here’s an exciting addition to their burger menu; some amazing Craft Burgers. We picked the Minced Lamb burger, which was quite juicy and flavorful.

Bacon Strips

Don’t forget to add a few bacon strips to those already amazing burgers!

Ancho Salmon

I tried a couple of their Seafood options; Herb Basa and Ancho Salmon, both of which come under the Lighter Options section and is definitely for those who’re conscious of balancing the entire meal with healthier options after having quite a few rounds of appetizers that are high on calories!

Herb Basa


Molten Chocolate Cake

You probably shouldn’t be asking for the check, without having their Molten Chocolate Cake, which is just massive in size and is the perfect way to end your meal here! The moist chocolate cake on the bottom, topped with a scoop of vanilla icecream covered with a hard chocolate shell all calls for a couple extra miles on the treadmill the following day at the gym!

Eggless Sizzling Brownie Sundae

I also happened to try their Eggless Sizzling Brownie Sundae, which was quite a hit amongst ourselves, but I probably overdid this at the friendly neighborhood Cafe Coffee Day, that I don’t fancy this dish anymore 😦

I’m a sucker for cheesecakes and I got a chance to try their New York Cheesecake with a strawberry sauce. I have to say this very a plain cheesecake with no gimmicks of choco-chips in it anything like that. Simple and right!

With more and more restaurants getting opened every week, the margin for error is very low. I’m extremely happy with the launch of Chili’s, cos it’s definitely going to raise the bar for everyone else out there! With 4 decades of being the leader in casual dining space, they’re here to stay! A meal for two here is going to set you back by about 2000 INR.

Chili's American Grill & Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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