Meeting the People behind Freshmenu

Freshmenu has become a household name in gourmet food delivery space. I was fortunate enough to have gotten the opportunity to visit their office in Koramangala. I had a chance to meet none other than the Founder of , Rashmi Daga. Freshmenu believes in bringing to you what no others can; exquisite, delicious and rare dishes! She, along with her enthusiastic team made sure me and other food bloggers were first ones to taste their new Oriental and Lebanese offerings.

Not everyday does one walk into a food delivery giant’s office and meet the chefs and understand their inspiration behind a new menu. Interacting with them gave us a sense of why a dish is created the way it is. Not all chefs think alike!

So, the new menu included some exotic meats and vegetarian dishes full of taste!
Here’s a sneak peak!

Let’s take a look at everything in detail 🙂


Steamed Exotic Vegetable And Tofu Bao

A bao is a steamed, filled bun. Unlike most other Baos you’ve had/seen, this one is a completely covered one at that. The filling was that of tofu and other exotic veggies. Served with a chilli garlic dip, this one excellent; succulent tofu, with a spicy flavor profile to it. I thought the baos could have been less thick and with more filling. Apart from that, no problems with the taste 🙂

Pan Fried Oyster Chicken Bao

This bao was a Oyster Chicken. Oysters are two small, round pieces of dark meat on the back of poultry near the thigh. Again, served with chilli garlic dip, perfect accompaniment to the lovely bao!

Assorted Lebanese Platter

Like most Mediterranean countries, the Lebanese cuisine is dictated by the seasons. Mezze is a selection of small eats served to accompany liquor. When guests sit down for a couple o’ drinks. What’s most commonly served is an assortment of breads and hummus, Tzatziki, pesto, souvlaki, babaghanoush. At Freshmenu, we saw Roasted Garlic and lemon hummus, Tzatziki, Sundried Tomato Pesto and Labneh.

Sriracha Paneer Skewers

Paneer in sriracha sauce BBQ’ed were simply brilliant. I liked the fact that they didn’t go overboard with this one. Served with a Barbecue Dip, it was just one of the best dishes I had on that day!


Smoked Salmon With Orange Salad

I’ve been introduced to Salmon very early in my age, thanks to my father. He wanted us to have the best fish ( in his opinion ) and that’s how I had the salmon fillets when I was a young little boy!

What I had here was a smoked salmon salad with orange salad. The salmon was rare and went very well with the citrusy dressing and some garden fresh veggies.

Apple And Pear Salad With Goat Cheese

Freshmenu’s Apple and Pear salad is one of the best things to have anytime of the day! It was absolutely refreshing and the addition of goat cheese made it all the more interesting 🙂 A very simple dish. But, remember, creating a simple dish is not so simple!!


Chettinadu Chicken Burger

Chettinadu chicken curry is a very popular dish and every chef has it’s own version of it. Here it was spicy chicken cutlet that had the flavor of fennel and poppy seeds. Served on a bed of lettuce and topped with sliced tomatoes and onion rings, the chicken cutlet was very delicious. It was served with a generous amount of potato wedges.

Honey Glazed Duck With Mash And Sautéed Beans

It doesn’t get any more exotic than this! The duck was beautifully glazed with honey and it was roasted to perfection. It was served with interestingly shaped portions of mashed potato and some sautéed beans!

Pan-seared Salmon With Citrus Beurre blanc

A superb pan-seared salmon fillet with a citrus Beurre blanc. Beurre blanc is emulsified butter sauce made with a reduction of lemon juice/vinegar or white wine. The sauce was light and very neutral in flavor. It went well with the salmon. It was served on a bed of pea-potato mash and sautéed veggies.

Black Rice Risotto

Given my gluten sensitivity,I’ve developed a liking to Risotto. But, never have I come across a black rice risotto. You experience something new every day 🙂 Black rice is said to be very nutritional with high sources of Vit E, iron and antioxidants. I loved the risotto because of the lovely texture of it. It was topped with brown butter veggies. An extremely well made dish, I am a big fan 🙂


We had a couple of huge wooden bars on which were placed an assortment of desserts. Sprinkled with chocolate dust, it looked fantastic. all the desserts were pretty much premium and tasted out of this world 🙂

Salted Caramel Jar With Peanut Butter And Toffee Banana . I thought the proportions of toffee banana and peanut butter were just right. It was overpowering with sweetness or saltness.

Pistachio Olive Oil Cake . This was a a very very unique cake. Pistachios are ground finely, mixed with flour and baking powder. Olive oil and butter and some sugar is then added. Whisk some eggs into the mixture and bake this to get the beautiful cake! It was served with some sundried kiwi and lemons.

Mini Lemon Cream And Berry Tart-lets. This has to be my favorite dessert from the day! Sinful lemon cream tart topped with berries and thin chocolate wafers.

It was a well spent Saturday afternoon 🙂 It also helps, when the office is in the same locality as where I stay. I would like to say that of all the food delivery chains out there, Freshmenu is not catering to the masses, but to people who do not settle for anything less! I wish Freshmenu all the success now and in future.

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