Tipsy Bull – The Bar Exchange!

Tipsy Bull is a hidden gem in the Bangalore’s fastest growing IT corridor; the Outer Ring Road(ORR). Or is ORR already the best IT corridor in Bangalore and Tipsy Bull no longer a hidden gem, but known to everyone? This post is as late as my assumptions 🙂 Tipsy Bull is a bar that’s been entertaining folks in Bellandur with it’s nerdy concept teamed with some excellent food & service!

Tipsy Bull is an uber cool party spot that’s been setup in a perfect location. It is next to the Salarpuria Softzone Tech Park and exactly opposite to the Citrus Hotels. It’s accessible to folks in Koramangala & HSR, Sarjapur and Marathahalli on the other side! When it comes to a rooftop place, believe me you; there’s no watering hole like this when it comes to making you feel alive! I’ve been here twice; once for a bloggers meet(Wednesday) and later as a regular customer(Friday)! On both occasions, be it a weekday/weekend, the demand was just massive and had a great crowd, mostly tech savvy folks from IT parks nearby! This place has a nice vibe to it 🙂

What makes Tipsy Bull a really happening bar is the proprietary Bar Exchange concept that it brings forth to you. Imagine being able to control the prices of liquor at the bar, all in real time? Sounds fun innit? 🙂 How are you able to control the prices ? It’s akin to the way stock market works; prices fluctuate based on the demand & supply, only this time you’re dealing with liquor!

Once every night, the market crashes, at which point all the liquors will drop to rock bottom prices.

Here’s a video of the Market Crash:

You’ve gotta stay bullish here and you can do that by using their WiFi(which is free!) and installing their TipsyBull app(iOS APP or Android APP). You might think why take the pain of installing an app that’s specific to just one Bar & Restaurant, but I bet you’re going to get hooked to this place and keep visiting it often, and at that point, the app install will earn it’s keep. All you need to do is monitor the prices of the various brands of your favorite liquor family. And if you play your cards right, you will end up with a great night to remember, without hurting your wallet! And another reason why the app deserves to stay on your phone is that you can order via the app itself; no more waiting for the waiter to place an order 🙂 Give a man a glass of alcohol, free WiFi and some wafers to munch on, he’ll not need anything else!

Here’s a video of a drone that did the rounds on a busy Friday evening:


The ambience is urban. Couple of tables close to the LCD monitors have a corporate feel to it, with office furniture. Just pull up your phones, fire up the TipsyBull app and make the calls already!

They’ve displayed some exotic bottles on the bar counter:

The good guys here care about you, and ask you to designate a driver to take you back home!

The cutlery is housed in a quirky container with the table number painted on it:

In terms of seating, there are 3 options.

Seating by the Bar

This is where you’re most likely going to end up at. This is where all the magic happens! This houses the LCD monitors for the bar exchange,the bar and the projector to watch your favorite game, live!

Party seating under the stars

This is a good location to host a party for ~50 odd people. This is a beautiful place having a skylight! All you gotta worry about is rain. Otherwise, this is just about perfect.

Seating above the Bar

There’s a staircase to get to this place above the Bar. This is again something that does’t have a roof, which might just work most part of the year. This place can seat about 40 odd people.

Their in-house DJ is a really young chap who plays a good set of tracks through the night.


We were a group of 7 and we ordered a good mix of cocktails. We ordered the classic Cosmopolitan, Screwdriver, Fire on the rock, Whiskey sour, Long island Ice Tea(LIIT), Pink Lady, Mai Tai and Black Russian. Black Russian is a rum based cocktail, which might be favored by many.

The LIIT came in a very funny container and was a deadly one at that with a high AbV!

The Cosmopolitan was my pick. It was very well made.

Screwdriver was my second favorite drink of the night!

Whiskey sour:

Mai Tai:

Pink Lady:

Fire on the rock was a spicy cocktail with salt rub on the glass rim. It tasted pretty decent.



Mr. Avinash Madhukar, the corporate chef at Tipsy Bull has done a good job at crafting a menu that’s Pan-Asian, Mexican, Chinese and Continental. All his past experiences allowed him to excel at this. He spent a great deal of time, talking to each one of us answering all our questions related to the food that was served to us.

We had coriander stems & carrot soup, which was packed with all the goodness of the veggies and spices to kick off the night!

We then moved onto three bar snacks; Indo Bhel, Chinese peanuts, banana chips! All of these were served in a bucket! They proved to be a great pairing with the cocktails we were sipping on!

Some of the appetizers were Haute Coin Idli Tossed In Schezwan Sauce, Stuffed Mushroom Caps With Spinach And Melted Cheese, Paneer sticks, Murgh Tikka Tossed In Creamy Tomato Fennel Sauce, Fish Tikka Dim Sum, Mutton Pepper Fry, Shetty’s Ghee Roast Chicken and Herb Crust Baked Fish With Mint Sauce.

Stuffed Mushroom Caps With Spinach And Melted Cheese

Mushrooms stuffed with spinach and served on a bed of cheese.

Haute Coin Idli Tossed In schezwan Sauce

This was a very unique preparation of Idli and we all loved the spicy form of these Chinese idlis !

Paneer Sticks

Paneer sticks that were fried with a batter were served in a glass filled with mint chutney.

Herb Crust Baked Fish

Mutton Pepper Fry

Shetty’s Ghee Roast Chicken

This is a very popular Mangalore dish.

Fish Dimsums

Dimsums with a fish filling served along with a fiery sauce.

Cold thai Spring Roll

Tipsy Bull Innovation Cold Thai Spring roll in tomato sauce was quite good!

If these weren’t already enough, Arjun Singh, the co-owner of Tipsy Bull sends in a couple of Pizzas to our table 🙂


The staff here is courteous and is attentive to your needs. Special shout out to Solomon who made sure everyone had a glass full, at all times!

Some skilled bar tenders working their magic!

The 2 brothers who run the show here, have a heart o’ gold as they welcome one and all to experience their warm hospitality. It goes without saying that they make an excellent team and with more outlets coming up in different parts of the city, they’re sure to be a force to reckon with, in the pub game!

There’s nothing really that I’d be able to point out as drawbacks here. They’ve managed to check all the right boxes! If only they could work on a Wimbledon style retractable roof to help with the chaos that occurs when it rains 😉

Watch out for the Bulls and Bears and remember to be Tipsy at the Tipsy Bull 🙂

Tipsy Bull Facebook page

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