UB City – Luxury at it’s best!

UB City is probably one of the biggest luxurious commercial properties in India. UB City is located in the Central business District of Bangalore, on the Vittal Mallya road. The UB group pioneered this engineering marvel which has over 1 million sq ft of retail and service apartment space! This amazing architecture has got them multiple awards in the past , such as the award for “Outstanding Concrete Structure in Karnataka” and “Best Developer of Retail”.

I was invited to be part of a very unique food blogging event at UB City, Bengaluru!! I shall be posting a couple of posts about the dining options at UB City. Please watch this space for those posts 🙂

Nikon D70s


Premium Retail

UB City is undoubtedly the most premium mall in Bengaluru. UB City houses outlets of some of the most elite lifestyle brands viz Rolex, Rado, Paul Smith, Tag Heuer, Omega, Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton, Jimmy choo, Diesel, Emporio Armani, Canali, Bottega Veneta, Burberry.

What was of more importance to us was the Dining @ UB City 🙂


UB City has quite diverse dining options and I was here on a gastronomical journey ; visiting 5 places on the first day and 3 more on the second day of the food walk 🙂 You could choose between various cuisines ; Japanese & Asian at Shiro , Meditteranean at Fava , North Indian at Rasovara , Italian at Toscano or Cafe Mangii , French at Cafe Noir , European at Caperberry, Asian at Singkong, Mexican at Sancho’s !! There are plenty of options and you’d be spoilt for choice 🙂 At the end of the day, if you’d just like to rewind, you could head to the premium lounge at Skyye. What’s nice is that all the restaurants are located at the Piazza, on the 2nd level!


Sublime Galleria

Sublime Galleria is India’s first gallery to promote Fine Arts and Performing Arts. It was founded by Ms. Uzma Irfan, Executive Director – Corporate Communications, Prestige Group, in 2009. If you’re interested in art, you really need to head here! This is because, they frequently conduct regular workshops in Art, Music & Theatre! Or if you’re an artist and want to showcase your work, you should probably get in touch with them 🙂 They have a wide range of categories, under which some of the most noted artists are featured. Be it Fine Arts or Digital Arts or Photography, they’ve got it all featured. You could even instantly purchase something online, if you like something 🙂 It’s all under one roof!!

Sublime Galleria is located on the 8th floor Sky Bridge of UB City.

You can see some of the featured work, here: GALLERY

Sublime House of Tea

You may ask what really, Sublime House of Tea is? It is yet another venture started by the same person who conceptualized the Sublime Galleria; Ms. Uzma Irfan! If you’ve had gourmet tea or are in the lookout for some, Sublime House of Tea is one exciting place to be at! I am a huge gourmet tea fan! Not only does Sublime present us with some usual tea families like Green tea, Assam tea, English breakfast, but it also gives us the opportunity to try exotic flavors like “Rose in Bloom” and “Jasmine Mandarin”.

We had the chance to try the exotic herbal  and I quite liked “Rose in Bloom”. The tea had a superb aroma, very floral, which makes you feel like going for that next sip as soon as you finish one! The astringency levels are very stimulating and didn’t make my mouth go dry. The tea was full bodied and smooth and quite perfect 🙂

The “Jasmine Mandarin” tea was very neutral in astringency, full bodied and quite strong. The aroma of jasmine was powerful and did leave an aftertaste that was pleasant. I felt that the tannin in the liquor was a bit too high.

If you prefer ordering the tea from the comfort of your home, you can do so through their webpage: SublimeTea 🙂




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