Friday Night Market @ JW Kitchen


The Friday night market at the JW Kitchen is a wonderful concept that brings forth the best of the local cuisine from across the world.

Friday Night Market!

Most Asian countries are renowned for their street food. To give example of one such culture, you could take Malaysia’s Pasar Malam, where peddlers sell food, fresh produce along inner roads. One could have sumptuous food at affordable prices and get the authentic taste without any of the meddling of the originality.

Vintage cycle

Bangalore is quite arguably one of the leading cities in India when it comes to food diversity. You name a cuisine and you shall definitely get at-least a few restaurants that serve that up for you! So, when a luxe brand like JW Kitchen has added an lively little Friday night market theme to their regular buffets, you can’t ask for more! They’ve done enough research for over a couple of months to chalk up interesting themes every week that don’t repeat for at-least 5 weeks, ending in August ’17.

Waffle Corner
Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy

Butter Theory was here during the 2nd week and couldn’t have been more happy spending the Friday night at the popular dining destination in Bangalore. Well, having a huge outdoor space doesn’t hurt and what better way to cordon off the entire space to create an extremely lively atmosphere that takes you back in time 🙂 There’s speciality dishes from across New York to Lucknow!

Chaat Bhandaar
Bhel Puri Ingredients
Bhel Puri

The day I visited, I could see a counter for Ice gola, cotton candy, waffles & pancakes, Lucknowi Galouti kababs, Bhel Puri, Hot dogs and Chicken wings 3 ways!

Ice Gola

I was happy to see a small little counter with a few varieties of cheeses to taste.

Table top

While I was there, I could notice how they paid attention to the minutest of the details. Even the table top designs were altered to suite the theme! With 4 in house restaurants, the amount of talent in their own kitchen staff is not to be doubted!

Staff that’s always happy to assist you!

The amazing chefs behind the stalls were mostly from their own kitchen, but they’re just as humble to accept the fact if none of the in house chefs have the expertise in cooking some foreign delicacy that was on their mind! They’ve invited chefs from other cities (JW staff or otherwise), to come and showcase their talent.

Art & Crafts stall

As with Friday night markets, its not just about food, its also about art and craft 🙂 They have invited local startups to come and setup a stall to sell some of their amazing work and build their clientele.

Galouti Pav

When it comes to the food I tasted, there were a few hits and misses, but overall, I’d say the feedback that I gave was instantly taken and corrected to suit my liking. Me and one other foodie, Vinay Setty were mightily impressed with this.

Mutton Galouti Kebab

For example, our galouti kababs weren’t as juicy and thick enough as they were placed inside a pav sandwich. Galoutis are usually kababs placed on top of a thick roti bread, due to which you could taste the meat much more than when it’s placed inside a pav sandwich. This feedback was gladly taken by them and corrected in our subsequent order.

New York Hot Dogs
Chicken Hot Dog

For me, the winner from the Friday night market theme was the New York hot dog, which was made to look just as good as it tasted! The perfect read excessive) use of sauces is something I love and would make me go search for something like that elsewhere 🙂

Wang’s Chicken Wings
Chicken Wings 3 ways
Chicken Wings

The coriander chicken wings were also an interesting fusion combo that worked very well!

Dessert selection!

The desserts at the JW kitchen buffet is probably one of the most expansive and ridiculously well crafted, not to mention, high on calories and choices in chocolate based pastries.

My Dessert plates!

My favorite dessert from the night was the Coffee Pannacotta 🙂

Coffee Pannacotta

All the food from the interesting stalls, on top of the regular fare, priced at just about 1750++ 🙂
What are you waiting for? Head to JW Kitchen on Lavelle Road to experience what no other luxury brand has to offer to you in Bangalore!!

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