Indian Paratha Company (IPC) – An upscale Paratha & Coffee joint

I was invited as part of Food Bloggers Association of Bangalore(FBAB) for a tasting session at Indian Paratha Company, more commonly known as IPC!
IPC is a posh highway destination for anyone who’s looking for a short drive outside Bangalore. The location of this joint is quite good ; on the foot hills of Hill Jain Temple which is just about 10kms from the the Bangalore International Airport, Devanahalli.

The road is actually the NH7(National Highway), which is also part of AH43( Asian Highway ). I picked 4 other foodie friends from Koramangala and we drove down to this place. The drive was amazing, with some music, gossip, couldn’t have asked for more. At this time of the year, the temperatures start to rise and we certainly felt the heat. On the way to IPC, we stopped for some tender coconuts !! That was refreshing!

When we reached IPC, we were surprised to see it on the highway, no detours!
This was surprising for most of us, as from the pictures we had seen, of this place, it looked like it was in a deserted place, which would have been good, because it would keep you away from the highway traffic. However, the advantage of having the joint on the highway is that it’s more accessible to the crowd and increases adoption. By the way, there’s sufficient parking area for your vehicles.

I first heard of this place from my biker group, Chicane Raiders( KTM RC390 Bangalore owners). This place is a big hit with the bikers and this is for 1 simple reason ; bikers love good stretch of roads and the road that leads to this place is an extremely good one!

When we reached the place, we were welcomed by Gunjan Sandhu, the MD of IPC. We had a table reserved for us, on the outside, overlooking the Nandi hills! We were almost 15 people, all of who were food reviewers/bloggers. We were presented with a menu that was specially crafted for us. The owners thought that we should be trying out their signature dishes and not worry about making a good decision from the menu 🙂 I think this is a fair. You wouldn’t want to make a bad choice and end up going back unsatisfied.

As we waited for the items to be served to us, we started taking a look at the interiors of this place and of course clicking pictures! I believe the decor is quite exquisite, not something that you’d see in any of the highway places. This speaks volumes of the kind of quality these guys maintain 🙂 They wanted people to have a good experience at this outlet, even if it was on the highway. Not many of us can think of it this way, but this is what separates us from them!

On the inside, you’d find glossy wooden tables and benches. On the other side, we were seated outside on the iron thrones(Game of thrones anyone ? 🙂 )!


The first thing that we had was their Special Patiala Lassi.

The Special Patiala Lassi was extremely thick, had lots of dry fruits. This is the kind of lassi I would prefer and I absolutely loved it! The lassis that you usually get everywhere else do not have the right consistency, but this one was right on the money!

We also had the Irish Coffee.
Irish coffee was actually having 3 layers, of black coffee, cream and some more coffee!
My first sip of , I could get an instant rush(mad rush) of sugar. I said I wouldn’t be able to have another sip of this, to my friend. But, he pointed out that I stir the contents of this giant glass and then try it again. I did that, and it sort of helped a bit, but not too much. It was still too sweet for my liking. I didn’t quite like this 😦


Moving on. We were then presented their Pakora Platter.
Pakoras are indian Fried Fritters. This is a snack that’s usually had with evening tea!

The onion pakoras were very good; crispy and light. The chat masala(spice powder mix) that was sprinkled on top, enhanced the taste! The paneer(cottage cheese) pakoras were a bit undercooked and oilier.


The next thing we had was their Paratha. Paratha is a flatbread that originated in the north of the Indian Subcontinent. This is usually had with sweetened yogurt and/or Indian Mango Pickles.

The paratha flavor that we had was Achari Masti Paratha.
This is basically a pickle flavored paratha.

The paratha had some crazy spices, that hit the right note. We could very well see the pickles. I would have preferred a better concealing of the pickle and probably making the paratha a bit thicker to hold in more stuffing. Otherwise, this paratha tasted very good!

The next thing we had was a Parathzza.
This is a concept that combines the best of 2 worlds: Italy & India. No points for guessing, Pizza from Italy and Paratha from India. Haha !
We had a parathzza with paneer topping.

I didn’t for once realize that it was a paratha crust! If I didn’t know if already, it could have easily been mistaken for a regular pizza. One bit into it, and you can make out the difference 🙂 The crust of the parathzza was crisp, a bit overdone I suppose. The topping was cheesy, had some moist paneer on it. It wasn’t as good as the Achari Masti Paratha though. It lacked spices and whatever spices were added were not going well with it.


No meal is complete without the dessert!
The dessert on the day was a kulfi(frozen dairy dessert from the Indian Subcontinent).
The kulfi, again was very similar to the lassi we had earlier. It was rish in taste, had some dry fruit sprinkles. I loved it and asked for another one!

As we spent time here, the sun set and the lights were turned on. Suddenly, this became an even more beautiful place to be at 🙂


The owners were kind enough to give us a souvenir to remember the good time we spent here!

Areas of Improvements by Butter Theory

1. I think the prices can be rethought. I would think that paying so much for a paratha is not right. When you’ve already traveled this far outside the city, you’d expect the rates to be lesser than in the city. The 60 kilometre drive should have paid some dividends, but they don’t here!

2. There should be more seating. I believe, on the weekends, this place attracts a lot of crowd, and the seating is not not sufficient. We saw that ourselves, as other people were waiting for us to vacate our table.

3. The parathas should be more sinful. Where’s the makkhan( butter ) my dear ? I didn’t get any butter to add on top. The parathas seem incomplete without them and I would urge you to provide a cube of butter along with the paratha.

4. I would like to see some non vegetarian affair. This place serves only vegetarian food. And most people prefer heading to some place that can server both non-vegetarian and vegetarian food. You’re typically losing out on 61% of the crowd, just for this purpose. Who doesn’t like some Punjabi chicken tikka paratha? right?

I had a great time with my friends and the drive was well worth it. A big shout out to all the guys who’ve worked hard at creating this unique cafe on the NH7 highway!

If you’d like to know more about the different types of Indian Paranthas, please check my friend Agilbert’s post:

Indian Paratha Company Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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