Café Mezzuna – A Mediterranean Restobar

So, on a Saturday afternoon, I decided to visit this café which is an all day Mediterranean Restobar.

I was meeting my childhood friend before she takes on a new assignment, in Berlin. This café is located on the very famous St.Marks road. It is however tough to spot this as it’s in the basement!

The café brings to us dishes from Mediterranean, Moroccon, Italian and East Asian cuisines. The decor of this place is spectacular. The outdoor seating gets enough light, even though it’s in the basement. They also have indoor seating, which is what you should pick during the day, as it get’s pretty hot and humid during Summer in Bangalore!

The staff was very warm in greeting us and giving us a table on the outside as the ones inside well occupied. The tables are wooden and seating is comfortable. There are 2 menus – 1 for the drinks and 1 for the food. Which I thought was very clever!


They have all the alcohol types that one can possibly think of( I’m no expert, but it looked pretty elaborate 🙂 ). We both picked non-alcoholic beverages. I picked Minty Creme

This had some nice dark cocoa, very little sugar used in it, which made it even better! The hint of mint in it, elevated this drink’s taste to another level 🙂

My friend picked a beverage with a beautiful combination of watermelon and basil. The taste was very good, but I’d rate mine higher 🙂 ( probably because it was my selection and my ego wins!! )


We picked a vegetarian starter, Jalapeno cheese balls . This was suggested by the staff. The first bite itself made us fall in love with this 🙂 The gooey cheese, the spiciness of the jalapenos and the crunchy crust of the cheese balls and the red spanish salsa dip was finger licking!


I was looking for a gluten free vegetarian dish, which eliminates pizzas, burgers, pastas, wraps and everything non-vegetarian. I was left with very little option but to pick Risotto. So, I picked Sundried Tomato, Mascarpone Cheese Risotto . This dish had a rich zesty flavor. The rice used was short grain, most likely the vialone nano. The mascarpone cheese and sundried tomatoes were great to taste 🙂 I loved the dish!!

My friend picked the Stone grilled chicken, roasted potato salad, sauteed veg. The dish looked spectacular, it was plated with a lot of love 🙂 ! I had a bite of it, and I felt that it was good, but I’ve had better.


We had a huge discussion on which dessert we wanted to pick. There was no room in our tummies to pick 1 each !! We finally chose Dark Chocolate Fudge Cake with Whiskey Mousse . This was selected by looking at all the zomato pictures posted by users who dined here 😛 . And as usual, most people do not add a caption to pictures, this picture did not have one either. We had to show this picture to the staff, who very amusingly pointed out that it was Dark Chocolate Fudge Cake with Whiskey Mousse.

Let me tell you one thing; I haven’t had a better dessert than this in quite some time 🙂 This dessert was out of this world, it was an out and out devilish irish creme delight. The mousse had a nice whisky flavor and the bottom had dark chocolate fudge. If I had to pick a problem with this dessert, it is that the cake fudge was not moist.

We had a great outing here. I would love to come back here to try out the rest of the dishes, as there’s a lot to offer. I would probably try getting a table on the inside, the next time I visit.

Café Mezzuna Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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